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Bowling really is quite fun, but here are some things you may want to know. Bowling was invented in 1930 by Sir Flinders Petrie. It was invented in Egypt. Bowling became an Olympic sport in 1988 for both men and women. Now you need to know that there is some equipment you need to play this sport, You need a ball and a pair of shoes.
Every bowling alley will need you to wear a specific pair of bowling shoes to play. This is mainly for two reasons, safety and performance. The surface of bowling alleys are flat, really slippery and free of trash or dirt. Because of the oiling on the lanes, normal shoes might stick to the floor, causing injuries because your built-up momentum quickly brings you to a stop. This kind of accident causes sprained ankles, wrists and backs as well as a lot of other injuries. Bowling shoes also come with special soles, one for sliding, and the other for braking. The sliding shoe has a sole that will allow the bowler to easily slide as they release the
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The purpose of the device is to limit tilting movement of the wrist, achieving more consistent throws. So if you have weak wrists you may want a wrist guard so you don 't hurt your wrist.
The friction caused when the fingers release the ball can sometimes cause injuries. That’s why some bowlers now cover their fingers in tape to protect them. Some bowlers also claim that the tape allows them to have a better grip on the ball while holding it.
As your grip plays an important part in holding, swinging and releasing the ball, some players have used powder to reduce moisture in their hands and improve surface grip. Most powders are acceptable, but the most commonly used are baby or talcum powder.
The game’s repetitive nature can cause serious damage to your joints. That’s why some players use gentle shock absorbers to reduce pain and chances of
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