Informative Essay On Boxing

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“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion’.” Boxing legend Muhammad Ali said this when asked about first becoming a boxer (Ha). When an athlete is willing to risk some personal harm in order to train either to improve themselves or for the glory, that athlete has the means to become a boxer. Becoming a member of the boxing community requires a personal desire for health and fitness while it also provides an entertaining activity for those involved. The sport of boxing is an all accepting one which provides any willing athlete with an enjoyable source of fitness and stress relieve at only some cost to the athlete.
An athlete must first be able to maintain both high fitness and a healthy diet when starting to box. Cardiovascular exercise, especially explosiveness training, is largely important. A common saying amongst trainers, “boxers are said to win their matches on the road, not in the
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All fighters encounter a combination of different pains depending on how often, and how hard, they are hit. Taking several blows to the upper body and head is the source of temporary ailments such as bruises and open sores or more long lasting injuries such as deep gashes or broken jaws, ribs or noses. Injuries on the hands are also common from countless hours of hitting the heavy bag or sparring (Inalsingh). After many years of boxing, long lasting ailments similar to those resulting from other sports are sometimes found. Arthritis and poor joints are a common find in retired boxers, and less commonly head or other trauma due to years of abuse can also be found (Holloway). These potential injuries should not discourage anyone with an interest in the sport though as physical trauma accompanies every
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