Informative Essay On Cheerleading Stereotypes

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Informative Essay on Cheerleading Stereotypes

In today's world, cheerleading is looked at more as a way to pick up all the guys than as a sport. Cheerleading was made for the dumb of dumbest blondes that have nothing better to do then pick on people and rule the school while wearing extremely short skirts, while trying to steal your man. Wouldn’t you want to be a cheerleader if you were getting all the guys you wanted? I'm going to teach you how to be the best cheerleader you can be in ten short steps. If you want to learn more steps buy my DVD.

Step One: In order to be a cheerleader, you need to fail all your classes and act dumber than you are because everyone knows that cheerleaders aren't that smart. If a teacher asks you a question,
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If your hair is even a shade away from blonde, you're screwed. You can't cheer because it has to be the blonde of the blonde. Like have you ever seen a cheerleader without blonde hair? Because I know I haven't. If you have brown or black hair, step aside because you won't be making the team because your hair is not the right color. #sorrynotsorry

Step Four: As a cheerleader, one of your duties is ruling the school, you should not take shit from anyone and I mean do not. Everyone's a loser compared to you and your squad. If anyone tries to show you what's up, you punch them in the face but not so hard that you hurt your hand and can't cheer that Friday. If the school asks, it wasn't you and you smile and do a little wink and you will get away with it every time.
Step Five: Your uniform better be so tiny that you can see your butt from a mile away. The smaller the skirt, the cooler you are. Plus, who wouldn't want all the guys drooling over you because you’re butt has been hanging out of your spanx?
Step Six: Every cheerleader should have at least four guys drooling over them everyday. Cheerleaders should never ever have to pay for their things, that's what guys were made for. You should never be seen without arm candy. If you are, you might as well take off your uniform, because you're not really a
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They are captains for a reason, and that's because they are the best at what they do, so they should totally be together. Plus it looks good for the football team and for the cheerleading team. #goalz

Step Eight: You should never be seen without your uniform on. Eat, Sleep, Cheer, Repeat. Normal clothes are not meant for cheerleaders. You should always be in your uniform no matter what, even if you're not at school you should still be wearing it, so everyone knows who you are. If you're seen without your uniform on are you really a cheerleader?

Step Nine: There's no time for doing homework when you're a cheerleader. That's why you get a nerd to do it for you. Every cheerleader should have their own nerd that does their homework for free because your a cheerleader why should you be doing your own
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