Informative Essay On Co-Op By Mary Heller

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Mary Heller is one of our career center staff; she does so many things for students alumni and employers. Mary and the rest of the staff at the career center, help students and alumni with multiple things, co-ops being one of the things you need to go through to graduate. The staff help you keep track of your credits and hours needed for your co-op. Staff also, help you get a co-op by career fairs and employment searches staff help you get in contact with employers and submit application for co-op employment they also assist with future employment by holding mock interviews. Assisting students with resumes, which, is awesome, as I don’t know how to make a resume. The mock interviews are a great asset for students because some may have never been in a job interview there entire life so that is something great to run through and practice and at the end of your time at northern the help you find employment through career fairs and searches but if you don’t find something before you leave northern as an alumni you will have use of the career center whenever you need…show more content…
So, I am glad alumni have full use of the career center and its staff because jobs that you might have had during school once you graduate may end and its always nice having someone there to have your back they are also a very great asset to employer they are one of the main connections between employers and new potential employees and also current co-op student the employer may have. How Mary Heller relate to shop management is she and the career center is almost like the human resources department of any business the Human Resource is the middle point between you and you’re boss overall the career center is one the greatest assets in our stay here at northern and Mary Heller has done an awesome job with it since she has been her I will defiantly be making my way to the career center when ready to
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