Informative Essay On College Football

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Did you ever want to know what football is really about? There are two branches of football. The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) and The NFL (National Football League). The NFL is where professional teams play each other and hopefully make it to the Super Bowl. This February 2016 is the 50th year that the Super Bowl will have been played. The NCAA is for college and its where all the college teams from around the country compete to play in a bowl game for championships. This essay will explain the history of football, the father of football and related injuries about the sports and leagues. Football has had a very interesting history. Football began in 1869, invented by Walter Camp. Football can also be traced way back to Rugby. As the years progressed, more and more people started to gain interest in the newly popular sport. What was once a black and white fun sport turned into a full white sport as people got…show more content…
Is it safe for the football players? Many people think football is unsafe, and many facts show that yes it is unsafe. Out of 2,600 players about 400 of them are injured a year from major concussions to torn ACL’s and thats only in the NFL. Around 12 kids around the country also die per year playing football most from a preexisting medical condition. The NSSO (National Sports Safety Organization) states that heat strokes cause the biggest concerns for youth football. However, with all the talk about safety, the football programs young and old are making them safer every year with 5 star rated helmets and pads, evening practices and medical personal on the fields.(Sports Safety Facts). In conclusion, football is still growing and becoming more popular among the young which raises the competition each year. The main two branches of football, NCAA and NFL are constantly trying to be made safer and reduce the injuries per year. I think Walter camp would be very proud of his
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