Informative Essay On Daniel Boone

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Born on November 2, 1734
In 1747, Daniel Boone began hunting with his first gun
In 1750, Daniel Boone engaged in his first "long hunt"
In 1751, Daniel Boone takes up hunting as his business.
In 1755, Daniel Boone was with Braddock 's army during their defeat trying to capture Fort Duquesne
In 1757 ,Daniel Boone marries Rebecca Bryan on August 14; they soon settle in Rowan County
In 1757 , Their first son was born on May 3rd and his name was James.
In 1760 , on November 2, Daniel Boone first crosses the blue ridge during his winter hunt.
In 1763, Daniel Boone along with his brother went to to Florida in 1769, Boone used the first known trail from North Carolina into eastern Tennessee, on his way to Kentucky with five men, including
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