Informative Essay On Diabetes

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We all enjoy having a sweet treat every now and then. This sweet treat is almost always full of sugar that is taken by the body and converted into glucose that our body can use as a source of energy or store it for later, this process of using sugar and storing it is done via metabolic reactions. Metabolic reactions are chemical reactions that take place in us and make use of the food and hormones that are our body. Diabetes mellitus, or diabetes for short, will prohibit patients diagnosed with it from having a lot of sugary foods, if not forcing them to avoid sugars completely.
I. Understanding the problem of diabetes.

A. The origin of the name “Diabetes Mellitus”.
The word “diabetes” originates from the Greek word “siphon” while “Mel” translates to honey in Latin. The term, Diabetes Mellitus, could translate directly to “siphoning of sweet water”, this is because people with diabetes produce urine that contains a lot of glucose that is sweet like honey. (2, 7)

B. Definition of diabetes.
According to source 2, page 2, diabetes is a collection of metabolic disorders that affect the blood sugar level in the patient causing it to rise to levels that might be harmful to the body. This happens when insufficient insulin, the hormone that lowers the blood sugar levels, reaches the cells either because not enough insulin is produced or because the cells in our body don’t respond correctly to the insulin that is being produced. C. Types of diabetes and their

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