Informative Essay On Disneyworld

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Disneyworld is advertised as the happiest place on Earth. I’ve been to Disney World before when I actually lived in Florida. At four years old, I was tall enough to ride every single attraction. After eleven years, my highschool choir was given the opportunity to visit Disneyworld and Universal Studios. I signed up for the trip with my partner Reid and his best friend Lucky. By the time the trip actually came around six months later, Reid and I had broken up and hated each other. My teacher was ecstatic to tell Reid and I that we were sharing a room together; notably, she never knew about any quarrels. I had to drive myself to the airport the morning of my plane ride to Orlando, Florida. I had my permit and my mom was in the car with me, she made me drive that day because she was hallucinating. I stood by my bunk buddies Reid, Lucky, and some senior girl when I got inside the airport. Reid and …show more content…

I’m helping him pick out a souvenir for Reid’s new boyfriend. I’m buying food for Reid now since he spent all his money. I’m falling on my face for him. What does this mean? My group and I go to Universal Studios the day before going home. I grew up with Harry Potter, I was so excited to be here. Reid, Lucky and I spent the day together. Reid and I rode a rollercoaster together, we ate together, we took Hogwarts House tests together, we laughed together. On the busride to the hotel I played with his hair. The next day, I played with his hair too. On the plane ride home, I played with his hair again. We landed in Denver and my boyfriend was waiting at the gates for me. He was my ride home. Reid didn’t talk to me after that. Not for months. It would be a lie if I said that I didn’t care. I had loved him and we had connected as people over the years we dated. Nowadays, he refuses to talk to me and claims that I was toxic to him. I know that we both made mistakes. But, I’m the only person who cares to learn and grow from

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