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Thankfully, as human beings, we are able to maintain good hygiene on our own. Unfortunately, your dog cannot practice good hygiene without a little help from you, the pet owner. Many pet owners opt to utilize professional grooming services to pamper their pet. These services are an excellent resource for many pet owners.

However, rather than leaving the work to the professional groomers, many pet owners decide to take grooming into their own hands. Before busting out the brush, grooming shears and going to town on Fido 's coat, there are a few things that should be considered prior to any type of grooming.

What Type of Grooming?
Will you be simply brushing out Fido 's coat or providing a full on manicure -- brushing the coat, shampoo and conditioning, clipping toenails,
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Depending on your pet, cooperation may be an issue and a major obstacle. Remember not to get frustrated, maintain eye contact and offer reassurance as you groom. Grooming in contained places will prevent fido from blowing the coop and you chasing a sopping wet dog around your house or yard. Professional groomers utilize dog grooming nooses and leads to aide in the grooming process

How Will Your Dog Dry Off After Grooming?
A dog 's natural instinct is to shake the water from its coat. Do not wear clothes you are unwilling to get wet, also, do not groom in an area which you would not want wet. With that in mind, be sure to have a blow dryer or towel on the ready once you complete your dog 's grooming. Soaking up the majority of the moisture before letting your dog loose will prevent your dog running around the hose spraying water everywhere.

Many grooming aids exist to aide with drying.

These are important factors to consider before grooming. Remember, your dog may seem to not be enjoying the whole process but neither did your children and they always came out clean and refreshed. Do your dog a favor and be sure to groom on a regular

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