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What if you never had to take a driver’s test? What if you never got a speeding ticket? Well this could all be a reality in a couple of years. Driverless cars are taking over the road and it’s happening fast, but the real question is, are you ready?

What is a driverless car?
The dictionary describes a driverless car as, “an autonomous car and unmanned ground vehicle; a vehicle capable of sensing its environment and navigating without human input.”, but it is much more than that, it is an innovation to the driving world. A driverless car works by using radars, ultrasonic sensors, and cameras. The radar works by sensing nearby cars and letting car know where it is. The ultrasonic sensors and cameras work by letting the car know where the street signs and lane markings are.

Several companies are in a race to be the first
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It is expensive to put all this into action, that includes passing laws to legalize this. It might not be safe in harsh weather conditions due to the signals cars would need to send out. Also, drivers could begin to rely on technology more than they should and it could cause them to forget how to operate basic electronics including normal cars. And there are several hundred tests cars have to undergo.

There are many benefits from driving driverless cars too, there could be fewer traffic stops and fewer traffic jams. We won’t need signs or traffic signals, they could reduce the mistakes humans can make over 81% of accidents are at human fault, and that can be erased as early as 2025. We could have vehicle-to-vehicle communication. It could also help people with disabilities such as blind people who can’t drive on their own and there wouldn’t be a need for driver’s licenses.

Where to find them
It’s going to take a few years for driverless cars to be legalized nationwide, but companies predict that, by early 2025-2035 driverless cars will be in full

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