Informative Essay On Drunk Driving

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Drunk Driving Does drunk driving effect you or your friends? I know many people who have gotten dui and have endangered others life’s while driving. Addiction is as main cause in alcohol drinking people when they are drunk think they can drive. When people are drunk they think they are funny and good at everything they do. What are the main controversies associated with drinking? Alcoholism, binge drinking, drunk driving, underage drinking. The only people who like drinking and driving are the ones doing it at the time. Nobody likes drinking and driving. Too many people are getting DUI’s and people getting injured. I personally think that it is very wrong to drink and drive. Drunk driving kills many people each year and most of those people are kids. Most people do not get caught when they are drinking and driving. Almost 32% of accidents happen with intoxicated drivers. Last year 9,878 people died from drunk…show more content…
Well it is the reason for over 70% of all murders in the United States. There is about 75,000 murders a year just from someone being intoxicated and being crazy. That also includes people getting hit from drunk drivers in their vehicles. There is over 2.5 million alcohol related deaths in the world. It is also 41% of all assaults and breaking into others houses in the middle of the night. There is more assaults than deaths a year from alcohol. Alcohol can make you very crazy and want to do things that aren’t very smart. Alcohol shrinks the frontal lobes of your brain. If you drink too much they continue to shrink until you blackout and you can get very hurt by falling and hitting your head off of the ground. Alcohol also makes you slur your words and that means that you cannot talk fluently. The liver takes all the brunt and that is not good for your liver. If you drink heavily it can make your heart beat at a different rhythm or even damage your heart muscle. There is some cases in which alcohol has caused heart
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