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Ed Gein grew up on a farm in Plainfield,Wisconsin. He lived a life of horror that people are still discussing today. Gein killed two people in his life. Gein is still a well known serial killer even thirty-three years later. Gein was very obsessed with women. Gein grew up with an alcoholic father. Augusta, Geins mother was a very religious woman. As Gein grew up his Father, George would be very brutal towards him, his brother, and his mother. The children and mom knew when George would come home, they could tell if he was drunk, if they knew he was drunk the kids would go hide. Ed was deranged; they called him the local Grave robber. He would go to the local cemetery and find recently buried bodies that looked like his mother. If he couldn’t find a woman that looked like his mom, he would not take a body. These women had to be middle aged. Gein had a partner who …show more content…

Gein was the youngest, there was only two boy’s. Ed Gein was linked to over ten missing people cases. Gein was only convicted of two people’s death, Bernice warden and Mary Hogan. Bernice was a fifty-eight year old, she owned her own hardware store. Mary was a tavern owner, she was fifty-four year’s old. Ed went to Bernice store the day before she disappeared and said he would return the next day to purchase another item. Frank Worden returned to his mothers store some time after she was kidnapped or killed by Ed Gein, Frank ordered the cops to go out to Ed Geins farm and search it. Once the cops got there it was dark and one of the cops had apparently walked into a figure, The cop thought that the figure was a deer hanging up side down and then they figured out that it was Bernice Worden. Bernice was hanging upside down gutted like a deer, and decapitated. After they found the body of Bernice they found the head of Mary Hogan inside his house .Mary went missing in 1954. Gein apparently Admitted to shooting her while he was in

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