Informative Essay On Energy Drinks

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What is energy? Energy is the capacity for vigorous activity; available power, and an adequate or abundant amount of such power ( Everything in the world needs a supply of energy in order to function. In a survey of college students, Dr. Ananaya Mandal, MD, pointed out that “51 percent regularly consumed one or more energy drinks per month, and majority of them drank them several times a week”, according to her article on Considering more than half of college students, including myself, drink energy drinks on a regular basis, we should know what were actually putting into our bodies. Find out the ingredients of the energy drink to see if it is healthy for you or not, then you decide if you should drink one or not. Energy Drinks have also been known for many different kinds of negative side effects and health issues regardless of age and health. In America, Americans are constantly on the go, weather it’s going to school or to work everyone always seems so busy. People seem to put sleep on the back burner and therefore have a lack of energy. The amount of sleep a person needs to get depends on their age and gender but, “for most adults, getting between seven and nine hours a night…show more content…
Webster Dictionary also states that Guarana is an herb seed that contains two and a half more caffeine than coffee. It can have constricting properties on skin and can therefore be a skin irritant. According to WebMD, some of the common side effects Guarana causes are anxiety, diarrhea, headache, increased urination, nausea, nervousness, shakiness, tremors, upset stomach, trouble sleeping, and vomiting. Guarana contains caffeine, so most of the side effects similar to each other. With Guarana containing the amount of caffeine it does, it should be consumed in moderate amounts. Most ingredients in these energy drinks are not safe if you consume them in large
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