Informative Essay On Flight 93

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September 11th, 2001, it is not just a date, it is the date that our country was attacked by terrorist. Murderers from another country. In just a couple hours, 2,977 people had lost their lives. Everyone around the United States, that was alive that day will never forget how awful it was. Our country just lost loved ones, some with bright minds, and kind hearts. In the case of flight 93, men and women sacrificed their lives that day to either make sure a plane went down in a field instead of hitting the Pentagon. New York City police officers and firemen went into the towers to help save others, without fear for their own lives. We should not forget the citizens who lost their lives in those four planes or the others that worked that day in the Twin Towers. People theses days will never forget truly the emptiness they felt and continue to feel for all these people who lost their lives to terrorists. This day will never be forgotten. But, September 11th, was not America 's first brush with terrorists, nor would it be its last. July 4, 2002, two were killed four injured at an airport shooting. June 1, 2009, one killed one injured at Little Rock office shooting. November 5, 2009, 13 killed 33 injured in the Fort Hood shooting. April 15, 2013, three killed 183 injured in the Boston bombing. October 23, 2014, four police officers were attacked with a…show more content…
The threat of terrorist attacks are no longer the things of spy movies and summer blockbusters. With over 90 terrorist attacks in recent memory, we, as Americans, must focus and decide what actions it is appropriate for the government to take. Let the federal government be able to look at person records and documents to help stop these attacks, not just force this on our militants to help fight for our freedom. You and your family can help by not only keeping your documents unlocked but also watch for suspicious acts, smells and odd behaviors of
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