Informative Essay On Frankenstein

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Evil isn’t born, evil is created. Giving your child the love it deserves comes from within us. But what if the child isn’t biologically your child? Would you treat it like it is your own? In the story of Mary Shelley you are able to read how hard it is for Frankenstein to give his creature the love and support it needs. Frankenstein did not even name his creature. Frankenstein was aware of the fact what he was doing. It was his intention to create new life. Though he wasn’t conscious about how his creation would turn out. Horrified of the sight, Frankenstein slowly becomes aware with what he has done. Frankenstein abandons his creature and leaves it to its fate. Imagine a father leaving his young child. The creature hasn’t got any life experience, doesn’t have any friends or family. The creature tries so hard to be friendly and tries to make friends, but anyone seeing the creation of Frankenstein is either terrified or making fun of it. Frankenstein isn’t there to support him, isn’t there for him like the creature needs Frankenstein. The monster eventually breaks and wants his revenge for being so lonely. This is a short summary on how the evil came to stand within the monster.…show more content…
He doesn’t even take any effort to name his nameless child. Any creation, or any living being should have the right for a name, the right for an identity. Many people mistake Frankenstein with the monster. But is this really a mistake? Frankenstein is the one who creates the monster within the creature. Frankenstein is the one who put this living being on earth, like a mother does with her child. Only in a different way. Even though the monster has the body parts of 20 year old people, he mentally is a toddler, a toddler who still needs to find its way through life, discover its role in this world. And Frankenstein doesn’t help
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