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The reason why I chose to see public speaker is because I wanted to know more about Freedom rides (people who challenged racial laws in the South America in the 1960s) and most important of all I want to hear experience of a person who was part of that Civil Right Movement. I always heard about freedom riders in history class, but not in details. I also heard that all the lectures at Siena are very interesting and informative. So I thought is is a good opportunity to learn more about freedom riders and I should not miss it.
African American didn’t have as many rights as White people. African Americans had to sit in the back of the bus on their specific place, drink from a different fountain and eat at different place than white. African American people weren’t treated with the same respect as white people. Few people didn’t like this discrimination so they stood up for African American rights along with some black people who has courage to fight for their rights. The idea of freedom riders was very radical, and they don’t want to use any violence. (During the lecture the speaker talked about four specific freedom riders, John Lewis, James Peck, Joan Mulholland and James Zwerg).
John Lewis was born in Alabama and grew up in Alabama, and since his childhood he has been
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After she started understanding his parents unjust actions she started participating in sit-ins. She started getting involved with all these things and ends up getting arrested, and to make her stop that they called her mentally ill. At that point her family disowned her and now her family is all other civil right activist. Even after that she didn’t gave up and joined freedom rides. She took plane to New Orleans and then back to Mississippi. Sh was again arrested, and beaten by KK as she refused to pay bail. After that she became secretary for SNCC and continued with her

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