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“In Illinois, we as wardens are police officers with full police powers. We concentrate our efforts in protecting the natural resources and people who use them. Wardens are the primary law enforcement for State Parks and Fish and Wildlife areas” (Swance). Game wardens are people who are employed to supervise hunters and game. This career is very important so entire species of animals are not wiped out, by careless people poaching and killing way too many animals. It is also critical that game wardens keep people from being terrible to the environment by leaving trash and other such things out in the environment. Game wardens are and have been for many years the protectors and enforcers of the wild game and habitat of the country to keep many people, accountable and safe. To fully understand the need for a game warden, one has to look at the history of this career. Back before the 19th century before the United States government passed laws and set aside national parks and national reserves for wildlife and their safety (Careers in Focus 61-62). Animals were going extinct, and way too many of them were being hunted and fished daily. Fisheries and reserves have been established by the…show more content…
Most people become game wardens because they like the outdoors and fish and wildlife in general. game wardens get to work with both state and federal officers (The Art of Manliness). Game wardens are always performing tasks that are helpful to the earth and people around them such as saving endangered and threatened species, conserving migratory birds and inland fisheries, providing expert advice to other federal agencies, industry and foreign governments (Careers in Focus). Game wardens have the freedom to work a large area, sometimes encompassing several counties in a day (Swance). Swance also states: “Another big pro for me is never having the same day twice. The other thing I like is the job also changes with the

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