Informative Essay On Grand Canyon

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Have you ever visited the Grand Canyon? Well, listen carefully and I will tell you about this amazing place. The Grand Canyon is located in northern Arizona only. The temperature is well over 100 degrees fahrenheit in summer. The Colorado Plateau , a major U.S landform region, is located at the four corners. The four corners is four states that meet each other, the states are Colorado, New Mexico, ARIIIIIIII!!!!!! The Plateau covers 130,000 square miles! The surface of Plateau is Flat at an average of elevation of 5,200 feet. With a length of 1,450 miles, The Colorado River is the fifth largest river in the U.S. In the Canyon there are 300 types of birds, 88 species of mammals, 58 types of reptiles, and 25 varieties of fish. Here are

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