Informative Essay On Halloween Costumes

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As September comes to an end, October begins which means for many it is time to start preparing for Halloween. Halloween is a holiday that can be enjoyed by people of all ages; from kid to adult. Stores start stocking up with candy, decorations, and most importantly the costumes. Halloween is a time where anyone of any age can dress up as anyone or anything that chose to be. With the internet forever growing, the infinite possibilities for creating the ultimate Halloween and finding that impeccable costume to purchase that goes above and beyond is out there.
An enjoyable experience is having family themed costumes and with the year there are costumes characters that are as popular the movie or show they came from but then you have the same costume characters that are popular no matter what year it is or if they have just released a new movie or show. I have seen a family of 7 once have a Jim Carey theme for their Halloween costumes. Each child had their own costume from one of his movies; such as The Mask, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, Ace Ventura, Dumb and Dumber, and The Grinch to name a few. My family has decided on a Transformer theme for our Halloween costumes. As a practical planner, we always start looking close to two months in
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A little piece of advice is depending on where you live and what stores are around choices may be very limited in deciding on the costume, so do your research before actually committing to an idea unless you are willing to travel the internet. Usually when you start browsing through an actual store, you will notice the normal baby costumes which are normally animal costumes; examples are a monkey, cat, a dog, or a lion. If you decide on going online to make baby costume purchase, your choices are expanded to TV/Movie characters, superhero or villain characters, or something as silly as food
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