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Hazing is an action that includes the harassment of a harmless individual who seeks initiation into any type of organization. Recently, hazing cases have been making the news more frequently due to the increase within college communities regarding Greek Fraternity life. However, that is not the only place that hazing increase has been occurring. Within military bases the hazing by individuals in positions of power has increased also. As found in an article on the LA Times, the image selected above portrays many military men sitting in what appears to be a classroom organization, very intently focused on the presentation on the screen. The presentation depicts the examples of hazing as involving excess alcohol consumption and illegal, harmful…show more content…
He has chosen to include this image in the article to place emphasis upon the need for change within society in regards to hazing and the military. This image addresses the issue of growing numbers of hazing cases, specifically including the military. The author is arguing that hazing awareness needs to take place within the military and that it needs to be brought into the public light because many times, it is hidden away because the institution is ashamed and attempts to hide…show more content…
This image opens up the minds of the audience by including the examples of hazing which simplifies the situation for those who may think it is too much for them to do anything about. Overall, many people do not realize how significantly hazing can impact your life until it has, and someone has been injured or worse, died. Hazing specifically in the military needs to be put to an end, and by images such as the above one, the world is on the way to attaining a closer eye on a very serious

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