Informative Essay On Human Trafficking

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As I have pre-mentioned, human trafficking is one of the most complex crimes when it comes to resolving.
In order to eliminate human trafficking, each state shall work both individually and co-operatively with other member states since human trafficking is a transnational crime, meaning that during its process more than one country is involved. Individually, each government will need to set proper legislation against human trafficking acts based on the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons. If such legislation already exists, governments will have to create measures in order to make sure they are implemented properly. Although legislation against human trafficking itself is crucial, legislation concerning border …show more content…

As far as forced labour is concerned, there needs to be a larger amount of monitoring. Specifically, authorities from each member state should annually hold checks into each step of a production line in factories as well as agricultural areas. Another crucial step against human trafficking, is reporting cases of human trafficking. For examples, hotlines could be created so as for both victims to be able to get in touch with authorities who might rescue them as well as people who witness a case of human trafficking.
Concerning, rescuing of victims is crucial. Victim rescue is described by specialists as one of the most complex processes in rehabilitation into society (compared to the majority of international crime). Their rescue requires multidimensional forms of help which include emergency, social and legal services. Firstly, their rescue needs to include emergency services such medical approaches which meet their psychological needs (counseling meetings with psychologists) as well as medical examinations and pharmaceutical therapy if required. Additionally, a series of basic needs are required to be met immediately such as shelter, food and clothing. Secondly, their rescue requires social services such as infrastructure which will be used as shelter. Finally, there will need to be legal services which will help them rehabilitate into

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