Informative Essay On Hurricanes

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There have been at least thirteen named hurricanes that have hit the United States so far, this year, including some of the big ones Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria. Millions have been left devastated by the horrific damage. Climate change brings hurricanes hitting all over the United States and surrounding vacation areas. Recent hurricanes leave people torn between staying and relocating. Hurricanes also leave people wondering why they have been hitting so hard. Are hurricanes finally slowing down or what can we expect in the future?
Thousands of people were affected by hurricanes but they also had to worry about relocating their home or staying put. When hurricanes were starting to hit in Texas, Louisiana and Florida, millions were asked to evacuate temporarily. Many of them lost their homes and some unfortunately lost those they loved. Not only were people looking for a temporary home but some were even looking for a permanent home. Recently, I had the chance to talk with relatives who live in Alabama. They were up not only for family reasons but also to start scouting for a new place to live. They said they were scared that their house was next and they wanted to move before it was hit.
According to Jeff Masters, a meteorologist, "The U.S. has never been hit, since we started collecting records in 1851, by two
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Experts at Colorado State University predicted hurricane season to be above-average. Well, these experts were correct. Studies show that hurricanes follow a pattern; in 1851 hurricanes were hitting like this year and again the 1900 's. Hurricane season should be wrapping up soon. Scientist say that approximately eleven to seventeen hurricanes hit each coast each year. As of August 4th, there have been named sixteen names storms meaning at least seventy days in a storm. Eight of the named storm have been hurricanes resulting in thirty-five days in a
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