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Levi White Presented to Mrs. Hutt English 8 April 15, 2016 James Bowie James Bowie’s early life, fights and wars, and about his death. Rezin Bowie was James Bowie father. Bowie was born in Burke County Georgia. Bowie's father was a man of strong minded and sound of judgement. Bowie's mother was a pious and excellent lady, and from her it is thought that the kids have inherited her remarkable energy of character. Bowie had 4 siblings that were named Viz, David, Rezin P., John J,and Stephen. When James Bowie got older he was involved in the legendary Sandbar Duel Louisiana ,Two men, Samuel Levi Wells, and Dr. Thomas Maddox, had agreed to a duel, and each man had brought several seconds along. Bowie was there on behalf of Wells. The duel ended after both men shot and missed twice, and they had decided to let the matter drop, but soon a brawl broke out among the seconds. Bowie…show more content…
I got all this informat from ‘‘James Bowie’’. Texas A&M University, 2002.Web. 09 Mar. 2016. When james bowie fought in the alamo that was the last time bowie ever fought. On february 23 travis and bowie learned some one thousand and five hundred mexican soldiers were advancing to the alamo. Travis sent a dispatch to goliad asking fannin to help. On march 6 the mexicans attacked before dawn and all 188 soldiers of the alamo perished. Bowie laid in his cot with several shots to the head. I got all this information from (‘James Bowie’). James Bowie. Texas A&M University,2002.web. 09 Mar. 2016.the weapons james bowie used during his life. The bowie knife, made popular in the 1830s , has evolved into a specific form in current use. The bowie knife was worn for defensive purposes; its primary function was for personal combat. It was designed to be part of a gentleman's attire, and the key difference between the bowie knife and a hunting knife , a dagger , or a dirk was initially the quality to finish of the

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