Informative Essay On King Jacques Cartier

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Jacques Cartier was a French navigator who was sponsored by King Francis I to go to America to find riches. He was most known for exploring the St. Lawrence River and naming, what today is called Canada.

April 20, 1534 I set sail today, King Francis is sending me to the new world to find riches, like gold. He is also sending me to find spices and a new passage to Asia. I have two ships and 60 or so men with me. We expect to get to the Newfoundland within the next month. King Francis undoubtedly picked me for the job because of all the experience I have with navigating and sailing, I have been to the Americas before.

May 10, 1534 It has been twenty days since we first set sail, we have gotten to the Newfoundland. The land is barren,
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