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As we grow up we hear stories about these brave knights who rescue the damsel in distress, but people never really stop and think about who the really are. Most people just think of knights as henchmen for kings, just as the minions are for Gru. No one ever stops to think about how they got there and what they are life is like when they are not out testing their own loyalty. People overlook the life of a knight to when he is in action, but never stop to observe his daily life; because no one ever really thinks about what it takes to become a knight, the daily routine of a knight is nothing like you expect, and people 's idea of knights is only the beginning.
To most people knights are the men on horses that go into battle to fight for their
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Knights who received land from a lord had to abide by the standard feudal obligations to their overlord. Anyone could be a knight but they were generally born into families of knights or title lords: giving them a head start to becoming knight. No one ever bother to ask about a knight 's family but really they do not have one. When an aspiring young knight reaches the age of eight he is then sent to a local lord, along with other knights in training , to learn how to be a knight and live within the knightly brotherhood. Going through multiple phases and training one learns how to be a rightful knight. Some knights learned finer skills, it just depended on where one was sent to learn how to be a knight. After an entire childhood dedicated to gaining the skills of knighthood, a squire, a young knight in training, was finally knighted when he reached his late teens or early twenties,but only if he could afford it. Those who were not able to afford the weapons, armor, and other necessities of a medieval knight either became bachelor 's until they could afford to maintain their status as a knight or found jobs in the courts and entourages of other knights and lords. Luckily for those who could not afford it there were plenty of jobs available for trained squires and men of court. All that training did always pay off whether you were on the
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