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I remember the first time I heard about Lush. It was my twelfth birthday and I had been watching Youtube videos and listening to the praises they sang about Lush products. Our only Lush store at the time was an hour away from our house at a mall we didn 't frequent. We stumbled on it one day after going down there for a perfomance. I 'll never forget seeing the Lush sign in person for the first time. I was so overcome with emotion that I started crying; I only wish I was joking. My mom and I spent hours in the store, examining all of the products. I had spent time on the website which helped me to become familiar with the products. Not to be cliche, but I felt very much so like a kid in a candy shop. Lush is so much more than bath bombs and crazy toothpaste inventions.…show more content…
When I walk into a Lush, I feel at home. I could be miles from my Wellington store and not feel one bit out of place. The strong community is something I 'd love to be a part of. Lush is an uplifting brand for so many. The causes they bring awareness and support to, are causes I believe in. There 's love behind the brand which definitely shows. I 'd like to make a difference with the brand and I 'd like to learn and grow here. Lush employees are helpful, caring and there for you. No two employees are the same and the experience is akin to meeting a new friend. I love how working for this brand allows your individuality to shine. Lush would make a good fit for me as I 'm friendly, reliable and have knowledge of the products. People say that I 'm easy to talk with and I 'm great at getting people to open up. All in all, I would love to be in the Lush family. Nothing sounds more fun than spending my time in the best smelling, glitter covered place in the world. I 'd be more than honored to work with this company, spreading good vibes and positive messages to like-minded people, or otherwise, spreading the word to people who may not agree with the causes Lush backs up. I 'm all about helping to make a

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