Informative Essay On Marching Band

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Wednesday, September 28th, the marching blues go to the an annual hummer performances. The band gets to perform when it’s their turn but they also get to see other bands perform too. The performing are WRHS, Hayden, Highland Park, Topeka West, Shawnee Hights and Seaman. Each band cheered each other on while one band performed their show. This was just a chance to see one another perform before the competition began. The band had to arrive at school around 5:15 PM. The band decided to wear full uniform because it wasn’t too hot outside.The band takes 6 buses with them. One of the buses is only for drums and another is for colorguard. The other 4 buses are for anyone else in band. The band than travels to Hummer, arriving around 6 PM. The Blues
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