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Young Driver Informative Essay On the first drive when you get your license can have a great feeling of freedom without your parents being backseat drivers. Millions of new drivers are on the road today with more freedom than what they have ever had. Some people in the United states think that the minimum driving age should be raised. But here is what I think. The minimum driving age should not be raised because we as individuals should be learning through the skills of driving and when we are the age of 16 we can learn certain skills on the road that we can avoid as we grow older, even though some people believe that if we raise the minimum driving age there will be less crashes. We learn specific skill when we drive on the road with us and other drivers. There are fewer crash with 16 year olds since there is more rules and restriction to follow to make sure that we are safe. Some of these restruction are : no driving from 12 am- 5am, no more than 1 other person in the car, and the most important one is the speed that we drive our cars at. Between 1988-2008 the number of drivers between the ages 15-20 the number of crashes has gone down. It has gone …show more content…

The journal of american medical association found since the first graduated drive, there was 1,348 fewer deadly crashes on the road. Extracurricular activities will affect the driving age if they raise the minimum driving age because you need a way to get home and that would be a struggle if the minimum driving age is raised. It would not benefit to the kids because they would have to be calling their parents to come pick them up. If there parents are not able to pick them up the student will have to wait until their parents have a chance to pick them up from there activity that they just got done with. Then If the student has their licenses they will be able to save time because their parents will not have to pick them

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