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A 30 minute 46.3 mph average speed, plus high heights from 80 foot jumps, and risks of major injuries even death.(BeauxJeaux) What is an extreme sport audiences can't take their eyes off? The exhilarating sport is a jaw dropping sport with riders that are a different breed of athlete. A sport full of physically fit riders.This is the overlooked sport of motocross.Motocross is the most physical,demanding, and dangerous sport in the world. Motocross is motorcycle racing which consists of winding tracks full of multi-terrains and large jumps. The average season is year round. that is if riders race arena or supercross through the winter. To be a Professional dirt bike rider you must have 100 amatuer points to become a pro racer. This can take years to win even just a couple of races. You also need to attract sponsors to get the financial backing to race full time. You need to train at least 5 hours a day to become a pro as well. Dedicate your life to it. It is a strenuous and demanding sport. Riders must be physically fit and committed to practice everyday. No average joe can jump on a dirtbike and know how to ride it. Riders have to have motocross smarts and a feel for the sport. “Motocross requires a combination of coordination, strength, power and extreme lactic acid buffering capabilities.”…show more content…
Motocross riders know the risks but ignore them so they can keep racing. Motocross crashes, most the time are not small little cuts or bruises, they are usually life threatening and bone breaking. Recovery time from these injuries are not very fast either. It takes physical therapy for long periods of time. “Eventually, and somewhat traumatically, there comes a time in every rider’s life when the body seems to break faster than it heals, and a hard decision must be made.”(Admin) Yet, riders of this sport know the risks and still throw their legs over the

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