Informative Essay On Muskrat

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Muskrat Informative Essay

Introduction There are a lot of animals in the world, some of them live on land, some live in the sky, some of them live in the water. The animal I will be talking about is the muskrat. The muskrat lives in aquatic areas like wetlands or ponds. They are important to the wetland environment because they eat vegetation and undergrowth in the water. Even though many farmers do not like the muskrat it is still important to our environment. The muskrat may look like a beaver but as you will later find out they have a lot of differences.

Paragraph two The muskrat has a brown pelt and has a light brown fur by the legs and on the belly of the muskrat, the muskrat also has four incisor teeth. Although the muskrat has a description like the beaver they have a lot of differences. The muskrat has small acute round eyes. Another interesting fact about the muskrat is that the weight and length of the
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The muskrat often makes its home in ponds or marshes near a food source. They dig holes underneath the ponds, often burrowing in the ground and will sometimes make dens out of sticks. Unfortunately muskrats are disliked by farmers because they dig under their ponds or water sources for animals and they eat any vegetation in their sight.

Paragraph Four The muskrat has to adapt to its ecosystem or habitats. For instance in the book by Stan Tekiela. (2005) Mammals of Wisconsin field guide.Cambridge Minnesota. Adventure publications” it stated that muskrats can breath underwater for 10-20 minutes. In addition to being able to breath for long periods of time they also help other animals in their ecosystem by building their dens and then leaving. Squirrels and other small rodents like to live in these holes once the muskrats leave. The muskrat has also adapted in the color of its pelt it has a dark brown pelt and its belly and legs it has a lighter color brown pelt.

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