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Obesity has become a huge problem in America. It is not only a problem because of how unhealthy it makes our society look, but also because of how fast it is increasing. Obesity begins around the ages of 5 and 6 and can last a lifetime. Almost all studies show that if a child is obese between the ages of 10-13 then that child is most likely never going to stop being obese. The title obese is not there to offend people or suggest a person 's daily habits are bad, but just to classify a body type. Obesity is recognized when a person is 10% higher than what the recommended body weight is for that height and age. It is calculated and is shown on many different types of graphs. Obesity grows off of a poor style of life. It can not be fully blamed…show more content…
I used to get extremely offended by it and hated it. Now I realise it isn 't meant to mean anything bad, it is just a classification. I am overweight, and technically obese last time I checked, but I am still more fit than most people my height and weight. The scale for obesity does not include the muscles or build of a body. I feel like this has a huge role in the increase in obese people. Yes, some people are extremely unhealthy and way over the recommended weight, but that doesn 't mean you should label an overweight 5 year old obese. If the kid is 10% over his or her recommended body weight. The kid could be just ten pounds heavier than the normal kid his size which is not a lot, and definitely does not deserve the label obese for a lifetime. The label obese, is thrown around way too much and has way to great of a meaning to be thrown around that much. A child being called obese could ruin his or her self esteem for a long time. Also, if you call a kid between the ages of 5 and 13 obese you are basically saying they will be obese forever. Obesity is a problem in America and a lot of other places, but the problem that is worth fixing is actually the way we use the

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