Informative Essay On Osteoporosis

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Hi, Mrs. Gray I’m Dr. Smart. I’m your doctor while you’re at the hospital. I was reading your chart and I suspect that you have osteoporosis because of you past diagnosis of osteopenia which is a reduced bone mass with a lesser severity then osteoporosis. Having osteopenia also places you at a greater risk for getting osteoporosis, especially if you were not preventing the loss of bone density. Also because the loss of bone density speeds up with hormone changes during menopause, and women have a natural lower bone peak density, this also puts women at higher risk for osteoporosis. Mrs. Gray I would like to put you on a calcium supplement combined with vitamin D. the vitamin D help’s absorb the calcium and can be found certain foods like eggs, fish, and of…show more content…
The surgeon will look at the x-ray and MRI and decide what surgery to do. If decides that the fracture is not severe then a hip repair surgery can be used, this is also known as internal hip fixation, or hip pinning. The surgeon will use rods, metal screws, or plates to hold the bone together while it heals. If the hip is severely fractured and the bones cannot be lined up properly, it will require a hip replacement surgery. Which can be either all or part of the joint that is replaced with artificial parts; partial replaces the upper part of the thigh bone and total replaces upper part of the thigh bone and hip socket are replaced. Now I will want you to get up as soon as possible after surgery to prevent blood clots, pneumonia and bed sores. And highly recommend out patent rehab habilitation that may include physical therapy or stretching and strengthening of the muscle and occupational therapy or performing daily activities; this will to help promote healing and your independence. Mrs. Gray you get some rest and I will see you in a few days after your surgery. And I know hospital food in not the best but eat while you can because you will need to fast or not eat anything for at least 12 hours before
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