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Paddle tennis is a american racquet sport enjoyed by thousands of people of all ages . This sport is played by all people across the world . Because it is a easy to learn , it is enjoy by players at such a young age and as old as the old bones allowed. Paddle tennis has excited since the 1980s. The word comes from englished word paddle . In the 19th century tennis was already being played by passengers on the British ship . Paddle tennis began appearing in New York during the first quarter of the 20th century. Later on paddle tennis was modified by 29 by 10 meters in si, adding walls and a net up to 4 in height on all fours sides . This modification was in Enrique Corcuera from Mexico . The Newport modified all of that . The first two tennis court were…show more content…
To me the requirements sit by the United States Paddle Tennis Association The paddle being used in the game should be not longer than 9 ½ inches by 18 inches in size . The paddle should be solid material and have no strings on it. The ball has to be punctured reduce in internal pressure . The net should be 22 ft long , 2.6 ft wide and should be exactly 31 inches above the surface of the ground 18 outside of each sideline . The object to paddle tennis is to hit the ball across the net with a paddle without letting it touch the ground more than once and letting the opposing team return the ball across . The areas for paddle tennis are baseline, alley, net , restraint line , service court area , and sideline . By getting awarded a point on every serve . By stepping on the baseline or the alley it is called a foot fault . Or if by missing the ball after dropping it or bouncing it 's called a serving fault .The baseline is in each of the end of the court which marks the boundary of the p,axing area . If a player of paddle touches the net or post it 's a net fault . Here are some strategies for serving the ball across the net to the opposing

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