Informative Essay On Physical Assault

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Sometimes, no matter how much we try to avoid the danger, we inevitably end up having to face it and to respond to it. Perhaps you saw your potential attacker or attackers and attempted to avoid them moving into a more secure location, yet they followed you there and cornered you. Perhaps you did not see them due to being distracted, and you suddenly find yourself face to face with them.
This is a very frightening experience for most of us, and when we are afraid, our bodies react by dumping loads of adrenaline into our bloodstream. Our heart beats faster as it pumps more blood into our muscles preparing us for “fight or flight”. In this situation, most people freeze and are not sure what to say or do beyond that.
Freezing is a natural
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It is vital that you report the incident to the local police force so that they can take appropriate action against your attacker, and to safeguard you legally. It will also help deter any “revenge” attacks by your attacker or their associates.
Inform your loved ones about your experience. Your close family and friends are a part your life. If you are able to communicate to them about what happened, they will not hesitate to provide you with their love and support, which in the case of surviving physical assault, can be invaluable in dealing with post-traumatic stress.
Finally, if the attack was severe and you feel depressed, afraid or anxious all the time, get professional psychological help. Many people do not see the critical importance of psychological recovery in the aftermath of a traumatic event as our cultures often encourage us to “brush it off” or “just ignore it”. Contact reputed local professionals and ask their help to make you feel safe again amongst people.
I sincerely hope that none of you would ever have to go through the horror that is physical assault. But in the event that you do, recall this article, in the hope that pointers in it may save your life or those of your loved

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