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People are always searching for quick results. They don’t want to gradually get better at an exercise. They assume they will be great immediately. Like anything else, the results you will physically notice by practicing Pilates are a slow process. One thing you will notice quite quickly is the benefits to practicing Pilates. The purpose of the article I read was to inform the reader on why practicing Pilates is important and beneficial to your everyday life. It is important to be aware of the benefits because you may be searching for a cure for a physical illness or a weak back when all you have to do is practice Pilates at least twice a week. Some of the benefits include a stronger core, lean muscles, and flexibility. One of the most important benefits of Pilates is the prevention of injuries as well as an improvement in sports performance. By reading the article on the benefits of Pilates, I discovered that breathing is extremely important. It is probably one of the most important things in Pilates all together. The article states several benefits of the importance of breathing properly. Some of them include correcting the spinal and pelvic alignment. It is important to correctly the alignment because there…show more content…
Pilates is able to reach those muscles that are closest to the spine. Usually, these muscles are not exercised by other physical activities. By using those deep abdominal muscles, as well as using the trunk pelvis and shoulder girdle, the spine is able to straighten which causes for a better posture. The other benefit is flexibility. The article states that bulky muscles are achieved from weight bearing workouts while Pilates is able to provide muscle elasticity and some mobility in the joints. Fewer injuries will be caused by improving your strength and flexibility in

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