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Specific Purpose: By the end of my speech, I want my audience to know about Pintrest ideas.
You have a long day of work, you clean, you made diner, you shower and all you do is relax. Some people like to relax on the coach or even in bed, but others like to go on pinterest and look at ideas.
When people hear the word pinterest they know what it is but others do not even know what it is. If you are one of the people who do not know what pinterest is, you will understand what pinterest is in a few minutes.

Central Idea: Learning about Pinterest will be a good thing. This can help find food recipes to how to remove stains from anywhere.

Today I want to take some times of your day to talk about pinterest. The topics I am going to talk about are:
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Printerest is made up of millions of photos in different categories. When if comes to pinterest you can browse or create a profile. When you browse you can only view pictures, but you are not able to save (pin)
Pictures. Once you create a profile you press the pin a pictures for later views. To pin a picture you press the pin it botton and select what category you wish to pin it on.You can also follow people per se what they are interested on or see what they post.
What categories does pinsetter have? If you do not know what category you are looking for, you can go in the search button and type in what you are looking for. Next we will talk about why people like and use pinterest. *The reason people like pinterest is to pin objects or the things they enjoy. You are able to click on a picture and it gives you a website that shows your how to do or make something. Pinterest has become popular because it is easy to use.
Finally I am going to talk about how to get followers and more. *To gain more followers, run contest follow fairs, print, pin pictures by doing this and much more. Doing this it will create you board and your follower will start to

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