Informative Essay On Pitbulls

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Pit-Bulls are known as the most dangerous breed of dog in America. Many pit bulls have been killed by law because they have attacked and/or killed people and were deemed too dangerous to the public. Pit bulls aren’t naturally aggressive, the reputation of the breed, their experiences, and their owners not properly training them, make them aggressive. People raise bigger dogs to be aggressive because of their size and appearances. Any dog can be trained to be aggressive, although only power breeds such as the german shepherd, the rottweiler, and the pit bull are trained to be. They are more dangerous simply because their bites are more likely to be fatal than other smaller dogs such as the pomeranian who actually believe it or not, have the potential to kill someone. People raise bigger dogs to be aggressive because of their size and appearances. But this is not the fault of the dog, only the owner. If a dog was abused or participated in dangerous activities like illegal dog fighting where they have to defend themselves, of course they will be aggressive towards people…show more content…
There is a myth about pit bulls that says they have locking jaws, but their jaws actually exert less force than that of the rottweiler and the german shepherd. In terms of the potential of the dog to cause bodily harm, the caucasian ovcharka ranks number one at the top of the list. The list ranks pit bulls as number two stating that the majority of the pit bull breeds were used for dog fighting and are CONSIDERED the most dangerous dog in America, which does not prove they are. Statistics aren’t always accurate when it comes to the actions of the dog. The nature of pit bulls is not to be aggressive to a point where they cause major bodily harm; their experiences, their owners, and their upbringing determine their actions. Don’t always rely on statistics when it comes to being afraid of a
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