Informative Essay On Police Brutality

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Police Brutality Bang! you hear a gunshot go off, but it was very close so you start to panic and wonder which way you should run to. So you turn around to run home and you see it. This is something you thought you would never see in your life, but there it is, so what do you do, do you run or just walk on by because you think he's doing his job or what was necessary. So you walk home and go one with your day, but that image of what you saw keeps replaying in your head and you can't get it out. The next thing you know a car pulled up to your home and outcome to men and as they walk towards your door you wonder is this the same man I saw before. They nock and as you open the door the two men pull out their wallets and show you that they're…show more content…
But this word is something that gets tossed around every time you see a cop make a mistake, but the truth is police brutality is a real thing that people encounter in their daily lives. People need to understand the definition of police brutality. Because police brutality isn't every time a police officer shoots someone or subdues that person, it's when an officer uses any force exceeding that reasonably necessary to accomplish a lawful police purpose. I'm not saying that police brutality doesn't involve shooting someone because it normally does, but the difference is why the officer shot the victim and did he try to avoid shooting that person as much as possible. On the news you usually see a certain race rioting or protesting about police brutality, but the fact is, all races get killed by the police every year and it's usually a small part in the news until say certain race has to make a big deal over something like this. Now i'm not saying it's not tragic because it is it's just unnecessary to make a huge deal out of this unfortunate mistake. The fact is every race gets killed by police. Race is not why police officers hurt or kill people it's the read on the situation and if they are threatened or
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