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Pretty Mean Girls Why are mean girls in movies pretty? After much thought, I came up with the theory that it’s because they were ugly in the past by society’s standards. The makeup that they wear today, all the beautiful brands of Sephora, MAC, and Mary Kay, further fuel their desire to hate and tease the looks of others; this is because they were once teased. Once they lost all that weight, didn’t have a face full of acne, or stopped talking with a lisp, they thought, well, I might as well put lots of makeup on too. They stopped being aware of what it felt like to get hurt or to cry, so they put on mounds of makeup to hide any emotion at all. I love make up and I am not a mean person, so I hate that those two seem to always get stereotyped together. I know a lot of girls who don’t wear makeup because they feel it has such a strong negative connotation attached to it. Makeup is artistic; it’s a form of one’s freedom of expression. It is essentially beautiful, the kind of beauty that we are always striving for but never quite sure we’ll make it to. Since mean girls know they’re already pretty (according to jerks or girls that hate them), I don’t understand why they cake on just as much makeup as the girls they consider “ugly.” Let’s take a look at the movie, Mean Girls.…show more content…
She was plain: bare face, hair in a ponytail, loose-fitting clothing. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that ; not everyone has the energy to wake up everyday and get ready like they’re going to the Academy Awards. Funny thing is, after Cady got tangled into the world of the Plastics, she was wearing so much blush, a clown would laugh at her. Thankfully, she came out of the “mean” phase, but at the end of the movie, all she really wore was pink lip gloss. What about a winged eye, some bronzer, anything?! Why when she’s all nice again, she has to go back to plain Jane
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