Informative Essay On Quantico

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My time in English 110C reminds me of a show called Quantico. Quantico is a show about some one framing a girl named Alex Parrish. She didn’t do what they are framing her for she she needs to prove her innocence. The only way to do that is think of her time back in Quantico because somewhere from her FBI training camp is the real criminal. On the first episode of the show Alex woke up all confused and didn’t know what was going on. That’s how it was for me coming in as a freshman I was lost and very confused, because this isn’t high school anymore and looking at all of the work on the syllabus was very over whelming. Though Alex was confused now someone explained everything to her and she remembered what she learned in training. In my situation…show more content…
It has also taught me what styles I don’t like and the importance of really planning my essays to make sure I get my point across. Some of the people Alex met didn’t give her exactly what she needed but it was enough to figure things out. That’s just like the four discovering genre essays we had to do. Some of them were very challenging and I didn’t get the exact grade I wanted, but I learned from my mistakes. That’s why when it was time for my two documented essays I thought about some of the things I have learned from my writing journals and I read the peer reviews to have a better understanding on how to make my paper better. Once the time came Alex had to prove that all of her training paid off. For me that day was the day our Capstone essays were due. Our capstone essay is the essay that we think is our very best and we put everything that we have learned into our last paper. In the end Alex proved she was innocent and found out who the real criminal was. In my case I had to prove to myself that I really could become a good writer all I had to do was find the writing style that works best for
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