Informative Essay On Racism In Sports

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An issue that resonates across cultures is racism. Racism is a major deal in all types of cities and states even sports. Even though slavery ended 1865 there are still racism around the world and throughout sports. Racism isn’t a certain color you can be any color and be racist. In my opinion no one is born racist, it’s the way they were raised basically the culture that they were born into. I picked the issue racism because i think it’s one of the most biggest issue we have in America. In every sport there is racism either between the coach in the player, The players or the spokesman and the players. There are even times where the fans are being racist or disrespecting the player. Racism shouldn’t even exist, Everyone is equal to me but some…show more content…
I guess it can even be said Andy was instrumental in showing the NBA La franchise that people did want to see the score, even if it was from a black player . Unfortunately Andy went to philadelphia and was entangled in more back door dealings with the owners of the Harlem globetrotters. Racism is in every sport for example the first black baseball player was jackie robinson in 1947 he was treated like a piece of trash the fans and other players Called him The ‘’N’’ word and also threw thing at him, sometimes even his teammates would do the same jackie stayed strong and continued doing what he do with the help of a white man to encourage him to go on and on. All of these things occurred when racism was ten time worse it was around slavery anyways so it was really bad. Blacks and whites were really separated around this time different bathrooms, water fountain, and blacks had to sit in the back of the
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