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Being in athlete requires both talent and dedication to the sport. In 2015 Ronda Rousey was arguably the greatest women in combat sports. Ronda Rousey will still be successful entertainer 2021 because of her Judo, Mixed Martial Arts and acting. An athlete needs to capture attention. When Ronda Rousey first stepped into the fight world she caught the eyes of many people. Coaches and athletes knew that there was something special and different about her. Back in her judo days Rousey would compete at tournaments taking on opponents who were older and more experienced then her. She quickly out ranked fighters and became the number one seed in American judo chart. They need to be exceptional at their talent. Rousey always competed at the highest level, becoming the youngest competitor in her first ever judo match. She would move up a…show more content…
After being in the Olympics over a decade there was nothing to show for it but a medal. She was struggling to support herself and turned to MMA after watching Nate Diaz vs Manny Gamburyan. Mixed martial arts uses every style of fighting and she only specialize in one. Rousey trained to be an all-round fighter before starting her new career. She started taking lesson in boxing so she can become a stand up fighter as well. In her MMA career she won a fight by KO in just 39 seconds. Her ability to turn into a versatile competitor lead her to win that fight. Train hard to be the best in the sport. She trains endlessly even days after matches. Ronda Rousey once said she would go broke just to make sure she was prepared for a fight. During training she focus on many techniques. She believes that it is important to train harder than her competitor during that camp. Rousey trains twice day and use the dolce diet. She sleeps for fifteen hours a day during fight week. (Ryan) There is no set scheduled in terms of workout routines which help her stay engaged. Rousey trains hard to be the best on her worst

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