Informative Essay On Rosa Parks

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I didn’t consider myself breaking any segregation laws. Because he was extending what we considered our section of the bus and in black women. I felt just resigned to give what I could to protect myself (Black hero’s Jessie carney smith 530). Rosa Parks fought for her rights, as she did not think she was doing anything wrong not just because her feet hurt but because she was tired of being treated differently. Rosa Parks childhood, to the bus incident, and after the bus with how famous she got because she wouldn’t move seats because of her color, these events make her the hero she is now.
Rosa was tired of giving her seat up so one day she didn’t, that day was December 1, 1955. Rosa Parks refused her seat to James. F. Blake, who was a white
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She witnessed things that made her retaliate and be able to stand up to the man on the bus. Parks grandfather stood up to the KKK. That also showed where she got her bravery and her independent traits from. In 1915 when Rosa’s parents got divorced, her, her mother and her siblings went to live with her maternal grandparents. She did most of the household chores such as cooking and knitting blankets. Cooking and knitting where her favorite. She was taught by her mother for 3 years before she went to a private school. Which was payed for by Rosa, cleaning classrooms. Later she dropped out of high school when her mother got seriously ill. This topic is important because this is when she was taught independence and how to use the things she learned when she was in school in real life. Parks helped with the household chores not only because her mother was teaching most of the time, but because her mother and both of her grandparents were not in good health parks often took care of everyone (Rosa parks activist 523). For example, when her mother got very ill Rosa dropped out of high school to take care of her. As she grew up, her family helped mold her into the women who stood up for…show more content…
Parks was rushed to by Martin Luther King JR. and was promised a permanent spot in history. Later getting many rewards for her brave act. June 30 1989 she attended ceremonies at the White house. The national committee for the Rosa Parks shrine is soliciting money for a home on the Rosa Parks boulevard for Parkes’s retirement (Rosa parks 1913 civil rights activist). The passage suggest that Rosa Parks had many rewards given to her and she had many books and magazines written about her incident one the Montgomery bus. Then in 1990 Parks seventy- seventh birthday was celebrated in Washington D.C by 3,000 black leaders, government dignities, center and social leaders. In 1995 Parks collaborated with her longtime friend and attorney Gregory J Reed. To write a quiet strength: the faith, hope, and heart of a Women who changed a Nation. Because she became legend in the history books, parks received thousands of letters from kids around the world. Rosa parks revealed the reason she did not give up her seat. It was not because of her aching feet, but because she remembered when she was young, her father sitting on their porch with a shotgun as the Ku Klux Klan rode around their house (Rosa Parks Civil Rights Activist 531). In The Civil Rights Activists, the section on Rosa Parks, Rosa explained her memory of her father sitting on their porch with a shot gun as the KKK rode around their house. Parks
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