Informative Essay On Ruth Baker

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Everyone has heard the figure of speech, “to turn over a new leaf.” While many believe that people are incapable of changing who they are as a person, others debate that people do change over time, and who they are as a person is defined by their experiences. Ruth Baker, born Juanita Teague, transformed as her life progressed; however, she didn’t just turn over a new leaf. (Pappas) She grew a whole new plant. Ruth Baker was a different person at each stage in her life. She was harsh as a young woman, she had a cruel personality towards the middle of her life, and she became kind in her eldest years.
To begin with, Ruth Baker had a harsh personality as a young woman. She was born to a preacher in 1932, just after the Great Depression, so she
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She spent extended periods of time with her beloved great-grandchildren, teaching them all manners of hobbies and crafts. (Heifner) Although she was often ill and had several medical issues in her later years, she insisted on carrying out family traditions, such as the giving of quilts and crocheted blankets to expecting family members. (Heifner) When she passed on, she was remembered by her family as kind, caring, and fair. (Heifner) Perhaps the reason why she spent so much time with her great-grandchildren in her later years is because of how she regretted how she raised and treated her children when they were growing up.
In conclusion, Ruth Baker changed throughout her life. Due to her upbringing, she was a harsh individual when she was younger. Towards the middle of her life, she grew to be cruel towards her children. In her senior years, she became very kind and took great pleasure in spending time with her great-grandchildren. While many people say that people can’t change, Ruth Baker became a radically different person than she started off as. While she was once grating and cruel, she became a very kind person, and that is how the majority of her family prefers to remember
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