Informative Essay On School Funding

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School Funding In schools, we have lots of priorities such as Athletics, academics, profit making... to be honest where is all the money going? Some like to believe the school is just broke. We pay twenty-one dollars just register and continue to pay for school through taxes throughout the school year. Even student council understands the jeopardy of the schools situation. Desks are always breaking and bathrooms are always out of order, it begs the question “why aren 't these things getting fixed?” Based on the proposed school district budget, each student is assigned a base student cost of $2,984.00, so for example, if there are 500 students attending the school, the total base student cost is $1,492,000.00 for the school year for that school. There are other costs associated with running a school, such as employee salaries, their health benefits and building utility costs that vary year…show more content…
These activities include clubs, athletics, dance and numerous other school activities. This type of activity is a mainstay for all schools in order to supplement their extra curricular activities. The way fundraisers work is the group sells product and based on agreement the school receives either a percentage of the cost of product sold or actual fixed dollar amount for each item sold. Yankee Candle fundraisers which is mostly utilized fundraising choice by the local schools shows a simple but effective breakdown of money the school can make. For example; if your goal is to to make $10,000.00 you would need 100 students selling 10 Yankee candles each. Sound simple enough but really how many people you know need expensive candles? Most recently, school groups have been choosing to sell chocolate bars from Yankee candle and although you would have to sell 100 chocolate bars to reach the $10,000,00 goal, it 's an easier sell. (Yankee
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