Informative Essay On School Shootings

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I would like to begin this assignment by formally apologizing for what I caused. I do realize when talking about school terrors in a school setting is a completely unnecessary thing to do. I would like to apologize for all the panic that you must have felt because in your situation you need to take any small thing even relatively a threat seriously. I now understand when in a situation like this I should not hold back my emotions and I should be showing my feelings and sorrows to the victims’ and the victim’s families, not the killers. By having my locker have the word “Columbine” with a heart and “E+D” in it is showing I support the killers to everyone in the school. This is not the case and it was completely and utterly inappropriate and…show more content…
The planning had been being made for a while. They had started making home tapes on March 15th that addressed the attack they had planned on doing. It hadn’t even been meant to be a shooting. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris had planned a massive bombing. They had wanted to use propane bombs and pipe bombs in the cafeteria to maximize the number of people who would die. They had planned to set off at 11:17 am which was the beginning of lunch “A” when the most amount of people would be in one room at once. Only the pipe bombs had gone went off and the propane bombs have failed and did not go off. Eric and Dylan had only brought guns and planned on using them just to shoot the fleeing survivors of the bombings. After their bombs had not detonated they had resulted to shooting up classrooms and rooms and shot kids at their will since they wanted to do damage. By 11:19 they had begun shooting. By 11:35 they had killed 12 students and a teacher plus 20 others. Shortly after around 12:00 pm they turned the guns on themselves and killed themselves. They had killed 15 people; 12 students, 1 teachers, and both of themselves. They had wounded about 20 others. This massacre had been the worst school shooting up until the Virginia Tech shooting. It is still the most famous high school
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