Informative Essay On Skateboarding

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The sport that I came to the conclusion to use as my favorite sport would have to be Skate boarding. Skate boarding came out in 1958 and since that day people young and old get out there and shows their stuff. No matter how good or how bad you are. To start out I would like to bring out some of the great skate boarders of all time. Then I would like to discuss different type of skating terrain. There are many and I mean many skate boarders out there today but there are only a hand few that get to be call great. One of my favorite skateboarders of all time and actually giving me the reason to pick up the skateboard in the first place would have to be tony hawk. Okay so you’re probably telling yourself well you’re just saying that…show more content…
The first one is street, what I mean as in street is ever where you go and you see something to skate on or skate off that is street. One of my favorite street places to go is any where there are stares I love the excitement that is give me when trying to do a star set. Or when I grind a hand rail just gives me a thrill that I am going to get hurt or I am going to land it if I get hurt I just try it again. The last terrain is vert and what I mean about vert is when you’re on top of a half pipe it could be 4 feet or it could be 20 feet either way it gives the excitement that you’re going to be falling and zooming up going 20 mph and reaching anywhere between ten to twenty feet in the air. Make me feel like I could fly. And that is why I love to skate and why I chose to pick skate boarding as my favorite sport. So to end the exciting journey through the reasons why skateboarding is my favorite, simple keep trying is the reason why I want to never give up on life and that is what skateboarding has helped me to do, never give up. So what are some of the points form this essay well point one there are many skateboarders out in the world but only a few can be the best, in my opinion of course. And the final reason is that you can find a place to skate anywhere and everywhere you think
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