Informative Essay On Skin Cancer

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Most people, especially in Florida, enjoy going to the beach. When people go to the beach, most of them enjoy laying on the sand, relaxing, catching some good waves, and even playing volleyball. Just thinking about going to the beach makes me want to go right now; however, I will need to put on sunscreen first. If you think getting a sun shower without any protection from the sun is a good idea, then I might suggest you think again. Most people are not aware of the harmful effects the sun can have on their skin. Yes, unfortunately going to the beach can be life threatening. Getting a tan will probably make a persons skin look better, but inside the persons skin, the melanocytes are getting affected. People who expose themselves to the sun very…show more content…
The most uncommon type of skin cancer is known as melanoma. Although it’s unfamiliar it is the most dangerous type of skin cancer. It accounts for numerous types of deaths globally. In the United States, melanoma has been the cause of death for eighty one percent of the patients who are diagnosed with the sickness. Statistically, about fifteen percent of the patients diagnosed with melanoma live for about three to five years. The reason why melanoma is drastically dangerous, is that melanoma develops into malignant cancerous tumors. An example of how melanoma occurs is when people expose themselves to too much ultraviolet radiation. The ultraviolet radiation is going to affect the melanocytes that we have in the epidermis. Once the melanocytes are affected, they are going to start proliferation simultaneously due to damage in the genetic code of a person, which causes cancerous malignant tumors. The Clark model gives an in depth look at how melanocytes form into melanoma. If treated early, chances are that the malignant tumor will not spread to other parts of the body. Besides ultraviolet radiation, other cause that develop melanoma can
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