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Star Wars has always been one of the most well-known series in history. People from all around the world are familiar with the sci-fi story and its iconic characters. Many people have come to know the Star Wars series as a movie that anybody can enjoy and relate to when reflecting on world affairs and the battle between two opposing views. Characters like Darth Vader, The Emperor, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia have always looked at as the best group of characters in a movie series. I think that the Star Wars movies are the most influential movies of all time because they have transcended through generations, they have the most memorable characters, and people cans relate to the movies.
First of all, I believe that the Star Wars saga have transcended through generations due to the fact most people from age 80 to 4 know about the …show more content…

Darth Vader is the most memorable character with in the Star Wars series. He was viewed as cool and ruthless to most people. The movies gave him his own theme music dedicated to him. People also remember iconic characters like Han solo, Luke, and Leia because they are a main part of the movies as well. In addition, people can see a lot of characters in movies now days that have copied the idea and personality of Princess Leia in other films like Hunger games, Divergent, and Tomb Raider: Lara Croft movies. Other films and TV shows have shown to be influenced by the general idea of Star Wars movies. In short, the reason why Star Wars has able to inspire other films is because of its unique storytelling and being able to tie in each person’s story with the overall plot of the movies. To conclude the iconic characters within the movie series were able to allow people to actually connect with the characters. The Star Wars characters were able to capture the audience and make them care about the people within the movies very

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