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The Bird Princess

Once upon a time, there was an ordinary young boy whose name is Theo. The boy and his parents lived in New Orleans, Louisiana, the city where jazz was born. Theo and his mother were visiting the Vernon family, where Theo’s mother Erickah, was teaching the rich family’s son, Christopher, how to sing. For a break, Erickah tells the boys a fairy tale, called The Bird Princess. While Christopher is captivated by kissing a bird that turns into a beautiful princess, Theo finds it hard to believe. Upon returning home, the family played some music together, Theo and his mother sang, while his father Jakob played some instruments. As they finished playing, Jakob tells his son of his dream to someday open a music store. “I want
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Suddenly, a bird chirped loudly in his ear which made Theo jump. “A prince!” Neiva chirped. This surprised Theo even more, for he has never seen a talking goldcrest bird before. “Have you heard of the story The Bird Princess? Well there is no time to explain why I’m a talking bird, but if you kiss me, I will turn into a beautiful princess,” Neiva stated. Shocked in disbelief, Theo was speechless, “Let’s make a deal, I’ll kiss you, but in return, you have to help me get my own music store. Deal?” Theo held out his hand. Neiva shook Theo’s finger with her little wings, they then proceeded to kiss. Theo opened his eyes, everything looked different, he looked at his hands, only to find out he became a bird himself. Furious, he and Neiva began to argue when they fell off the balcony and onto the party. Chaos ensues as they are chased away to the forest by Christopher’s dog. Neiva and Theo had a rough night as birds, they had to learn how to fly properly, and every time they made a mistake, they would plummet down to the rough hard ground. They had to escape the predators chasing them, and they were forced into hiding in a tree trunk. Princess Neiva tells Theo about Madame Avoyelles, and how she was turned into a
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